Women Lead Initiative


The gap is closing. Today there are more women with AIGA memberships then men. Although men still outnumber women in the workplace it is a good place start. AIGA Women Lead Initiative has goals to make changes for women and they are committed to empowering women in design. They focus on addressing bias issues through three goals.

  • Celebrate the achievements of women in design.
  • Cultivate awareness of gender-related issues, while building knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Connect by facilitating relationships within and beyond the design industry.

They use Gender Equality Toolkits. These kits are videos, downloads, and DIY’s set in place to kick gender bias behavior in the bud. The Gender Equality Toolkits area available for all AIGA member… BONUS!!!





What is Graphic Design?


I have learned the definition of graphic design many times, but I have never thought of all the different styles that go along with it. The definition of design has changed so much over the years as technology has developed, but still, has deep roots in history. As the article stated designers have been arranging type for over a hundred years. I’ve always seen graphic design as business oriented. Even though that is how it is usually explained there are many different ways to uses your graphic design skills to express yourself in a non-business environment. ( http://www.aiga.org/guide-whatisgraphicdesign )